10 Simple Points To Get More Traffic

1. Publish on Micro Blogging Platforms and Share on social networks (About.me, Scoop it,  Reddit, Facebook etc..)

2. Guest Post someone else's blog posts, Publish Relevant Contents on your site.

 3. Use Article Submission sites for Promotion. (Hubpages, articles.org, articlesbase.com etc.)

4. Use Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, pinterest, linkedin, Instagram etc.)

5. Themetic Backlinks creation (Website related sites, Create more backlinks)

6. Business Listing Ads ( Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yellow Pages, etc)

7. Question Answer Submission (Quora, Yahoo answer, etc)

8. Image Submission (Imagur, Pinterest etc..)

9. Create Videos and Submit them (Youtube, Vimeo etc..)

10. Update Your Contents Regularly

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