Simple Principles Of Time Management

Do the right thing at the right time: You can only succeed at this by setting a priority and drawing out a timetable.

·     You have to analyze thoroughly to know what must be done now  and what can be left for a while. Will it be less costly to do it now than doing it later?

 Arrest the thief of time. It is called procrastination. 

Do what can be done now, it will not be easier but much more difficult tomorrow and tomorrow may never come. 

Tomorrow is the busiest day of the week. The best way to a make a simple work appear difficult is to keep postponing it.

·  Until you make up your mind it will never be done. “What may be done at anytime will be done at no time” John Mason said: “the man who is killing time is killing his chances in life”

·     Plan your days by hours, and every week, set a deadline with time limit and achieve it.

·    Avoid unnecessary talking and visitation. Watching of television and videos also takes a lot of time. You’ll do well by discipline yourself in all these things. TV is good but refuse to let it kill your time.

·    Shun unnecessary interruption, Unnecessary visitations from uninvited friends. Put order into your life.

·   Group together some work or activities, which can be done simultaneously e.g. laundry with cooking and listening to tapes. Friend, time flies, it is up to you to be the pilot 


1. Men and Women of genius are admired Men and Women of power are feared, But only Men of character are trusted, thus your hopes, dreams, and aspiration are legitimate if you too can carve a rise for yourself today and reject the status quo.

2. Nothing paralyses the body and soul than worry, it consumes the future before it comes but in spite of how hard life seems to bear, always believe your testimony is on the way.

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