Free Websites And Blog Pinging Tools (Updated)

 These FREE Webmaster Search Engine pinging sites and tools are very helpful for notifying the search engines for any recent update made to your websites or blog. 

I consider them very useful and important for website development and SEO (search engine optimization). 

 Use them frequently, ping like almost after every update and resubmit to search engines after every 15 days for better site visibility and SEO marketing results. 

You can also wait for mostly google and bing to come crawl your webpage when you’ve made a change on your website, but this may not be immediately! 

 Fact is Google crawls the web every Minute, so long as your website or blog is online and not banned or blacklisted.

It’s a known fact that a blog also improves the value of a website. As long as you keep it fresh with up to date, useful content that is.

After publishing a new article or blog, daily, weekly or monthly, you should grab control of the situation and use the pingers to notify search engines of your new or updated page.

Instead of entering only your top level domain (i.e. you can also enter the direct link to your new post or page (i.e ) in the pinger and select the best category that describes the nature of that page.

This is a very effective search engine website submitter visit:  as it submits your site effectively to many search engines at once which you can confirm in your email 


Ping Google Tool

Add your URL Directly to Google:

Add Your URL Directly to Bing:

  Ping your Sitemap

Blog ping services pings or notifies Weblog Services such as Blog Search Engines and blog directories that your blog has been updated.

Thus enabling them to index your blog fast and make your content available for a larger audience.  

You can Ping your blog on any of the Sites Listed below, Happy Pinging!

Another Great Blog to do your pinging and get many more tools is   

The submission may take 5-6 minutes - please, be patient. (Total amount of search engines and directories: 129)

  You can Ping your blog on any of the Sites Listed below, Happy Pinging!

Most Used SEO Tools

Backlink Creator

Many Of the listed SITES Above are completely free to use, Stay Tuned, Thank you for Visiting and Have a wonderful time.


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