7 Basic Marketing Techniques To Building A Better Online Community

We can break down the basic marketing techniques to help with community building strategy into 7 different points. They are listed Below: 

1. Provide valuable and quality content.

2.  Make sure that every item posted on the blog has relevance, is search engine optimized when possible, and offers some extra value to your readers.

3. Unique and quality content is critical to making your blog a success in the long-term, and you will help you build credibility for both the business and your website as a result.

4. Build steady readership on social community networking sties.

Use both bookmarking and social networking sites to your advantage, and make it easy for visitors to share your information.

5. Make use of content aggregator sites. Larger blog community sites and networks such as Digg,
Technorati, Delicious, Linkedin, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon are great ways to increase readership overnight.

6. Make regular submissions to sites and do Ping on the IMT site using the Site Submitter, or encourage visitors to do it for you and you can start reaching out to niche markets you never knew existed.

7. Join full-scale blog portals and encourage guest bloggers on your site.

Forums are great ways to find other professional bloggers within your industry.

8.  Inviting them to put a guest posting on your site will not only help you build credibility, but can help you develop some unique content for your readers on various occasions throughout the year

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