How To Promote A Business Using Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is incentive based referral marketing. It's also word-out-mouth marketing.

 Jokes, videos and links that get passed around via email are all examples of the viral effect in action.

In order to unleash a viral traffic effect, you need to motivate people with an incentive and you need to supply a “tool” which keeps the viral chain in motion. 

Common viral tools for online businesses include things like:

·       e-books and reports

·       free software

·       reprint articles

·       “Tell a Friend” scripts

·       Contests or special offers hot enough to spread across multiple sites and multiple e-zines.

Now let's look at some of the potential incentives you can offer:

·       Outstanding free content

·       Useful tools (scripts, software, etc)

·       Product discounts

·       Potential reward in the form of cash or product

·       Free training or consultation

·       Re-branding

Here's an example of a basic viral marketing campaign :

1.  Create a free report that offers sought after information about a product you sell.

2.  Offer it to your subscribers and to other list or web site owners for free.

3.  Allow everyone who downloads the report to “re-brand” it with their own affiliate link.

Now you've got two incentives in place: quality content and commission potential through re-branding. 

You could go a step further with this if you wanted to, and set up a contest where the affiliate with the most referrals for a month earns either an increase in commission percentage or a free product.

Launching a viral tool is not very difficult. 

You just need to get the word out about it and submit it to as many outlets as possible.

Some typical starting points:

·       Offer it to your subscribers
·       Contact other list/website owners and offer it to them

·       Upload the report to free e-book directories
Viral Software
Software is one seriously hot commodity. It's even hotter than ebooks at this point in time so giving away a free software program or tool would really benefit you.

In fact you can compile three different versions of the same software program and earn money plus generate loads of traffic.

You could create a free demo version of the software, a full version of the software that would have a yearly license renewal attached to it for it to continue working, and a supreme version that would continue running without having to purchase the yearly license for the eternity of the product.

But we still have the task of first creating the software to deal with before we can do anything else.
So what's the solution? Make it yourself or hire a software developer from outsourcing sites like

Building your own software isn't an easy process, but it can pay off for you big time and be one of your strongest advertising tools.
Viral Video

Viral videos are short clips which get passed around the 'net like wildfire. They are linked to from thousands of websites. 

They are forwarded from inbox to inbox, either for laughs, inspiration or just the “wow” factor.

Imagine unleashing a viral video of your own.

When you apply this method to your business, you get a triple return on investment in the form of:

·       Traffic
·       Buzz

·       Branding

It's almost unbeatable in its effectiveness. The more popular your video, the more likely you are to receive coverage in other news media. 

Television and radio programs love to gossip about the latest Internet fads. 

Just imagine tuning into your local morning radio show and hearing one of the DJ's say:

“Before we get to the traffic report, I just want to ask one question: have any of you out there in listener-land seen that chicken video that's being passed around online right now?  

Hilarious!  In case you haven't seen it, the link is...”

Trust me on this..most of the time you can't even buy that type of advertising. 
Now, we need to talk a moment about targeting.

Admittedly, it is a bit harder to factor targeting into the equation here. 

You need to create something with a broad appeal so that the maximum number of people will pass it around.

However, you don't want to create something so far removed from your business identity that people get confused, don't get the message or develop a negative perception of your business.

In other words, this is still marketing and not entertainment. 

Have a Wonderful Day.

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