5 Good Reasons To Use Google Ads For Advertising

The good news is that there already is such a system for bringing in instant traffic - pay-per-click advertising (PPC).
I'll be talking exclusively about how you can use PPC advertising via Google Adwords Now Google ads, to drive traffic to your website and convert that traffic into customers.

The bad news is that many of PPC advertisers end up throwing out several hundred bucks down the hole before they even begin to understand how pay-per-click works.
What's more, there are many business owners who, after being burned to the tune of several thousands of dollars, give up on PPC advertising because they don't get how it works.


Imagine the pain of giving up a marketing opportunity like that, just because you were so frustrated that nothing was working.
Reason 1: The Google audience / user base has traditionally catered to technical audiences and more importantly, to Internet savvy users.

The kind of users who are comfortable with buying online.

These users (the tech-savvy, buying kind) are more likely to use Google).

Reason 2: Google Ads delivers results - you can have your ad campaign up and running in 10 minutes flat.

Compared to this, some can take anywhere from 2 to 5 days while they manually review ads.

Reason 3: With Google Ads, you can go target your prospects geographically down to countries, states and cities.

This is a great advantage for businesses selling hard goods or services - they would prefer local prospects as opposed to someone half way across the world.

Reason 4: Another Favourite quality oof Google Ads is that it rewards good ad performance - that is, for an ad that converts (clicks/impressions percentage) exceptionally well (high click-through-rate (CTR)), your ad will get better ad placement as well as better pricing.
Google wants to display the most relevant ads for the user. So it makes perfect sense that YOU will pay less per click, the higher the click through rate of your ad is.

Note: Click-through rate is simply the percentage that users click on your ad.

For example, if 100 users saw your ad, and 2 people clicked your ad to visit your website, your click-through rate would be 2% (2/100).

Reason 5: Your competition cannot see the exact amount you're bidding for your keywords or the CTR your ads are getting - a distinct tactical advantage.

Basically, your competition will NEVER be able to tell how you are marketing your products.

So, they won't be able to copy off of your marketing and steal your prospects.

Bottom line - bringing instant traffic to your websites and converting those prospects into satisfied customers is a much better option than waiting around for your search engine rankings to.

And, in my opinion, Google Ads is the game in town when it comes to PPC advertising.

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