5 Basic Ways To Make Money From Blogging

Join the blogging revolution and make some off money by blogging.

 I will tell you few ways many make money by blogging.

Remember that not everybody that writes a blog does it for the money. 

But, also remember that not all blogs that are written to make money, do make money.

In this write up, I will just state to you very few ways to make money by blogging


We will assume that all other aspects of the blog (name, traffic, content etc...) are good and now you want to monetize your blog and make some money.

1. Google AdSense - This is the most common way to make money on a blog. 

You set up your Adsense info, either banners or text ads, on your blog and your visitors click the advertisements that they are interested in. When they click, you make money. 

There are other programs besides Google's AdSense, but they are by far the most popular. 

Open www.google.com/adsense to register with adsense. 

It is free and takes two days for approval

2. Affiliate Programs - You can join millions of different affiliate programs, either individually or on a network.

 The easiest way is to join a network, like Amazon, and get the links and or banners from them. 

You can then place these affiliate advertisements in your side bar, in between posts or even woven into posts to make it look more natural.

3. Sell Advert Space - You can sell individual adverts by the day, week, month or even by the year, if you want. 

The amount you sell them for will probably be heavily weighted by your content and your traffic.

4. Selling Solutions, Cheats.  Information Products Or Services.

5. Selling Websites, Blogs,  Designing and Technical solutions.

6. Pay To Post - A newer concept in blog advertising is the Pay to Post idea. 

This is where a company will bring advertisers and bloggers together. 

An advertiser will put out an order for a advert on a certain type blog with so much traffic and the corresponding blogs will take the opportunity if they want it. 

When they do they will make a post on their blog and talk about whatever the advertisers wanted them to talk about. 

If the advertisers are satisfied with the post then you get paid. 

These posts can generate anywhere from $5 to $200!

7. Donations - I know you have seen these before on different blogs and websites. 

A small Pay Pal button that ask you to donate.

 The thing is these actually work. 

If your blog gives out great information and you don't push people to buy stuff, they almost feel obligated to donate to you for helping them. 

Best Of Luck To You.

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