7 Tips To Become Successful In e-Commerce

1) Never give up on your dreams – by Holly Becker

In this very inspirational article Holly shares her experience about her way to success.

There was no elevator, she says and she had to take the stairs.

She continued climbing it, though everybody around was saying to give up.

 Now looking at her more than successful business, isn’t it wise to follow her advise?

2) It’s never too late – by Kelly Hoppen

For me it was very important to hear this. Of course, it might seem ridiculous at my 29, however I really needed these words and I will explain you why.

 Have you ever heard that young people learn driving much faster than old?

 Why do you think it happens – they are more clever or what? No, it’s just that they have no fear.

The older you are, the more fear is inside you.

Now I feel completely different than I was feeling at my 21, for example, when I thought that everything is possible, you just need to really want it.

I was very determined and ambitious. I still am, however the weight of all my past failures is lying now on my shoulders, and of course I have become more conscious than before.

 Maybe I make less mistakes, but it takes me longer to succeed too.

3) Network, network, network

One more tip from Kelly. Online business despite is virtual is based on the same rules as the real one: you will never get a lot of customers until you start to spread a word about it.

 The best way is to do it in person. Of course Social Media is a good marketing tool, but… additional  tool. You can’t run a business solely relying on it.

Personal contacts are always more productive and effective. Think about people who you know: relatives, friends, acquaintances.

 Think, if anybody of them can help you to promote your business or might be interested in the products you sell.

 Don’t feel shy to talk about your business with people you barely know – you never know what kind of opportunities they might bring.

4) Presentation is the key

Since the clients don’t have opportunity to see and touch the products, they should be able to understand everything from online presentation.

Good photography is crucial here. It is preferable to have several photos of the product showing it from different sides and distances.

Short pithy descriptions about the products are as much important as beautiful photos.

5) Research and Analyze

  Analyze where majority of your clients come from, which products are more successful than  the others and what makes them so.

Once you learn this information, use it to develop your business further: focus on the profitable markets and goods to make them even more profitable.

6) Quantity and Quality

You can’t expect a buyer to stay long in you store if you have only a couple of products to sell.

The range of the products must be big enough to give your customer a choice.

However, here it is important not to sacrifice quality for quantity – it is better to gave few nice products than a big stock of nonsense.

7) Marketing is crucial

Perceive yourself as 24/7 marketing manager of your business.

Never get tired of promoting it and use every possible tool. Social media is really powerful and you shouldn’t neglect it.

 Make business page on Facebook, Twitter account,  join communities on Google+, post photos on Tumblr and Pinterest and participate in LinkedIn discussions.

Every day post at least one update about your business.

However don’t be focused only on yourself, engage with other people too.

If you run an online business, I hope these tips were helpful for you – I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

What other keys to success can you name?

Now I am going to be very shameless but I really need your help to spread a word about my small business. I really appreciate your effort!

Source: http://essenziale-hd.com/2013/09/23/some-updates-on-my-boutique-and-7-tips-to-run-successful-online-store/

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