The Estimated Activities On Internet In 60 Seconds ( 2018 Update)

A minute might not seem like much in the life of the Internet, but the info below shows just how much happens in just 60 seconds.

In about the time it will take you to read this blog post there will be:

    5,000,000 searches on Google
    4,460,000 Facebook updates
    25,000 minutes of calls on Skype
    577,000 tweets, 50,000 posts on Tumblr
    70,141 hours of music streaming on Pandora
    47,000 new ads on Craigslist
    41,000 pictures uploaded to Flickr
    100,000 new blog posts
    55,000 new YouTube videos…

…and people are still joining in the global conversation.  Every minute:

    900 new Twitter accounts are registered
    500 new LinkedIn accounts re opened
    And 200 new blogs were created

Perhaps most mind blowing of all: Over 400 million emails are sent every 60 seconds!

This infographic is from late 2016, so all of these numbers have almost certainly increased since then since the Internet continues to grow.

Here is another cool Infographic called Every Minute of the day on the Internet.

It claims that every 60 seconds:

    984,478 pieces of content are shared on Facebook
    Over 4 million search queries are made on Google
    78 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube
    51,000 apps are downloaded from the App Store
    230,000 photos are shared on Instagram
    900 new websites are created

…and perhaps most impressively, $1,000,000 is spent by consumers on web shopping.

But the fun does not here!  

Intel also created an infographic about 60 seconds on the internet as well called What happens in an Internet minute.

Take the above stats into consideration and realize how massive the opportunity of an online business can be.

The Internet is so massive all you need is a small slice of the pie to create a strong and successful business!

Have a wonderful day..

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