6 Easy Ways To Rapidly Grow Your Facebook Page Likes

You may already have a Facebook page for your business. If you don’t then the first thing you need to do is go create a Facebook page!

Social media isn’t a fad – it’s a reality and it’s a proven powerful marketing tool, so you shouldn’t delay.

Once your page is constructed, the hard part begins, you now need to bring traffic to your site, and have them ‘like’ your page and become your fans.

You want to be able to create this potential base, engage them, build brand recognition, and convert them to a paying customer.

 However, the first thing you need to do is grow your fan base.

Let’s look at ways you can accomplish this.

#1. A Custom Facebook URL

Once you reach 25 fans, Facebook provides you with the option to create a custom Facebook page URL.

This is an excellent opportunity to brand yourself and make your page easier to remember and find.

It gives you additional exposure and it makes you rank better in searches.

#2 Get a Facebook Badge

You will want to get a Facebook badge and then add to your site. Don’t just put it on your home page. Included it on every page on your website.

There are a number of badges to choose from so find the one that best matches your site. Always stay consistent with the choice you make.

#3. Get Exposure for Your URL

Once you have your custom URL you need to promote it in every way possible. Include it on your outgoing emails, tweet it, add it to your LinkedIn profile, include it on your Pinterest account, and every other imaginable way you can think of.

 Twitter is a social media network that deserves an additional mention because it can so easily be used to generate more likes.

#4. Facebook Advertising

This is one of the bests ways to grow your fan base.

There is a common assumption that it is some what expensive to use. Actually, Facebook advertising is one of the cheapest forms of advertising online.

And it offers excellent exposure to a very targeted consumer base, which therefore leads to a significant increase in likes.

#5. Post Breaking News to Your Facebook Page

Special promotions, freebies, short sales, product launches, etc. any of these breaking news or others. Everyone loves a great deal or something free.

Your fans are likely to share these posts and that will lead to an increase in likes.

Facebook pages are powerful marketing tools that can help you to target relevant traffic and then drive them to your website.

Using these five techniques will help you to grow your page, increase your likes, and therefore your fan base.

#6. Finally, Use Traffup.

Here You also get free Facebook likes for your pages too. Enjoy the benefits of more Facebook likes i.e. more traffic and more business exposure.

So why would you buy Facebook likes from other sources, when you can gradually get them for free.

 Traffup also uses the Twitter API and is not affiliated or partnered with either Twitter or Facebook.

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