6 Reasons Why SMS Business Is A HOT Business

1. It is cheap and affordable for different levels of users

2. It is a reusable commodity.

3. People that send bulk message to group of people like religious groups, clubs, friends, associates etc are going to do it consistently.

4. It can be used for instant business or transaction alert as seen with the banks.

5. It is a delightful advertisement method for marketers and promoters who often experience quick responses from their recipients any time their promotional messages are sent out.

6. Most of the time, the amount for sending SMS to different networks is the same which is in contrast to what is obtainable when you use phone to send SMS to different networks.

The Huge Potential Use of SMS

Below are some of what the bulk SMS can be used for. You can send message to different categories of audience here.

• Business Marketing & Advertisement

• Wedding announcement and invitation

• Birthday announcement and invitation

• Events and Meetings notification

• Special seasons greetings

• Political campaign and awareness

•Product Launch and Sales Promotions

•Customer Services and Relationship Management

• Financial Services

• Social Networking

• Business Process Management and Internal Administration

• Information Technology and System Administration


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