Know What To Avoid In SEO, Stay Away From This

Driving traffic to a site can be very difficult if the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not providing the very important assistance needed to the facilitating this ideal scenario.

Therefore it is important to consider the elements that prove to be disadvantageous to adopt in the quest to create optimum SEO ranking.

The following are some tips on what to consciously avoid for Better SEO: 

• The use of wrong keywords would definitely contribute to failure to get the desired listing that
can be provided by the SEO rankings.

It cannot be emphasized enough the important of the right keywords needed for the ideal ration of traffic to be directed to the site.

High valued keywords will generate the high level of click which in turn will contribute to the high traffic to the site.

• Forgetting to include “alt” tags for the images can have detrimental results.

As the search engine is predominantly unable to detect and understand image presentations or contents for ranking purposes providing t he “alt” would then ideally overcome this problem.

Imagery is a very important content matter to be included in any site thus this importance should be adequately understood by the SEO tool.

• Duplicating contents is another thing to be carefully avoided at all cost.

It does not benefit in anyway and besides showing the low commitment level of the site host it also does not get and positive reactions from the SEO and it may even result in some sort of penalization.

• The use of poor anchor tags not only does not entice the viewer to venture further into the site
it also does not provide the SEO with the relevant information about the material content of the

 Without this connection made there is little chance of enhancing the ranking exercise to
positively reflect the site’s content.

• Overuse of the keywords is also something to be avoided as this would not only render the
material boring and monotonously repetitive in content but it would also cause the search
engine to penalize the site for such unproductive activities.

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