How Twitter Updates Can Possibly Help It's Users !

There are occasions when the person does not have the time to write much. 

He or she is in such a situation where writing 160 characters is also not possible.

 In such a situation Twitter come to the rescue of many people.

 For example, in 2008 April a journalist who had just graduated from Berkeley was covering an agitation in Egypt. 

During this he got arrested and there was no time that he could write the message on the mobile. 

He just posted the word 'arrested' on his profile in Twitter through his mobile phone. 

His followers in return informed the US Embassy in Egypt and at the same time alerted Berkeley. 

The outcome was great and a lawyer was hired for him to bail him out of the jail the very next day.  

This does not mean that to become popular the person on Twitter has to get arrested. 

By this, it means that if the person has a good profile on Twitter his or her followers will go to any measure to help the person whom they are following. 

Twitter is a place where any person who is in any problem can ask for help and they will get some sort of help in return. 

The easy way to find help on twitter is simple.

 It should be asked from people who the person knows has the power to do so. 

This can only work if there are many followers and the data base should be huge. 

As the number increases of the followers on Twitter, there are high chances that the person gets the help that he or she asked for. 

This means that the person should always pay close attention to what their followers are saying in order to understand and know who would be the right person to ask for help. 

Also if the follower is unable to help, he or she will try to introduce someone who would be keen to help the person in need.  Stay Safe.

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