10 Effective Ways To Quickly Build An Email List

Are you Struggling to build a profitable list?

 Here below are Speed List Building Secrets and Easy Ways To Build Your List in a Faster way.

In this write up, I reveal different powerful ways in which you can build a bigger profitable email list.

 My hope is that you will settle on at least a handful of these techniques; and put them to work immediately.

If you can do that, you will see your list grow rapidly in both size and responsiveness.

If you’re still looking for more, Then you can search online and take a List Building course.

 It is perfect for beginners who want to start their own list building machine and also for the more advanced who want to build a more profitable list.

1. Do Ad Swaps with other marketers in your industry

If you haven’t heard of ad swaps before, the concept is quite intuitive: in exchange for incorporating someone’s ad into your mailing, they agree to do the same for you.

Typically, this is either done with someone in the same industry or in a related, but non-competing industry.

If done correctly, ad swaps can be both easy and profitable.

You can initiate one by first looking for high traffic sites in your niche and in related niches.

As you find them, start signing up for their respective newsletters.

Monitor the content and decide whether or not it would be a good idea for your idea.

Once you have made the call, contact the list owner and initiate the swap.

Let him or her know that you’re a subscriber on his/her list; and then tell him/her all about your own list and your proposed idea.

Use this technique every 2-3 weeks and you should see your subscriptions climb rapidly over time.

2. Join A Safelist Networks

A safelist is a list of email addresses of individuals who have agreed to receive emails from other individuals on the list.

By joining safelists, you can gain access to a large group of individuals who may be interested in joining your list.

Of course, as with any other marketing technique, when a particular medium is saturated with ads, the responsiveness to any one of those ads will fall.

For this reason, expect your pitches to get relatively small responses.

With that said, if you join enough relevant lists and make your pitches periodically (to avoid the appearance of being a spammer), then you should have no problem picking up quite a few good leads from this strategy.

There are thousands of Safelists that are free to join and then there are some which cost.

 If you buy ads, you can send ads without receiving them. Google "safelist ads" to find a heap of safelists.

3. Place an opt-in form on your blog (Right Above)

Another good way to get subscribers is to simply put an opt-in form on your blog.

You can only do this if you have a blog already. If you don't have a blog, I highly recommend you get yourself a Blogger or wordpress blog.

It's easy to set up on your own website with just a few clicks.

Then putting an opt-in form on it is a piece of cake with Aweber's plugin especially made for Wordpress or the feedburner opt-in form.

You'll need to have an Aweber account for the plugin to work, but setting it up is a piece of cake.

If people like reading your blog content and find themselves coming back to read more, they may decide to opt-in to your email newsletter, too, so make sure your blog posts keep readers interested.

4. Create a Facebook Fan page

If you’re a Facebook user, you’ve no doubt seen countless “fanpages” for various businesses and just about everything else.

Virtually all businesses that wish to have a social media presence have a Facebook fan page.

This is a practice you should adopt, too, if you want to develop a social media presence and use it to generate a list of subscribers.

In short, setting up a Facebook fanpage is not very different from setting up a profile. Facebook makes it very simple.

Just remember to incorporate all of the relevant information about your business on the page, along with links to your list sign up page and to other various web pages of yours.

Also, consider giving people who “like” your fanpage extra freebies, discounts or coupons for various products.

5. Use banner advertising

Banner advertising has long been a mainstay of webmasters.

It can be very profitable if you spend the time to

1) create a good banner; and

2) find the right networks to place them on; and

3) target the right crowd with them.

To get a good banner made, consider spending $15 to $30 on www.Elance.com or search google.com for a designer.

When you have your banner design, place it in a rotating exchange (you add your banner and then put the code for other banners to show on your own site), you might want to consider purchasing banner ad space online

6. Create viral videos

When it comes to enticing people to join your mailing list, another good avenue you can take is to create video content and use it to promote your site.

For example, you can create a series of instructional "how to" or tips videos for something related to your niche and include them as content that will be available to newsletter subscribers.

Furthermore, you can build up the value of this method further by providing a couple free examples of these videos on YouTube and elsewhere.

Remember, when making videos for YouTube, make sure you mention your website and offer and/or have your website name watermarked in your video.

Also add a clickable link in the video description.

YouTube Bully 2 will lead you by the hand and show you how to turn simple videos into profit pulling machines.

7. Be a guest on Teleseminars and webinars

Doing Online live webinars and ‘hangouts’ are other promising ways in which you can generate list subscribers.

Approach a few marketers who already do hangouts and webinars and offer to be a guest speaker.

Then pick a date for the event with your Joint Venture partner (ideally, in the evening, when most of your market audience will be free) to discuss your area of expertise.

You might find this intimidating at first, but after you do it for a while, it will become easier and more natural.

You can use GoT oMeeting (http://www.gotomeeting.com) to host your own webinars which is a paid service but the most popular pick f or webinar marketers.

Another popular option these days is Google Hangouts which is totally free http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/hangouts/ Of course, before you do the call, you should spend some time to plan out the content.

Make sure that you know what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it.

During the call and at the end of the call, make explicit pitches for people to join your mailing list (and explain how it is even free to start with).

While you might think that hosting teleseminars is the slow path to gaining subscribers, keep in mind that these new subscribers are much more likely to be active than your others.

They will feel a personal connection with you having talked to you (or at least heard your voice) over the phone.

This can easily translate into much more sales per person that your average prospect.

Then when you have grown your list, have the JV be a guest speaker on your own teleseminar so you can help him in return.

8. Set up joint ventures (JVs)

A powerful way in which you can generate list subscribers is to setup joint ventures (JVs).

A JV involves teaming up with other marketer(s) and working together to produce a business deal.

In your case, you’ll be making some sort of exchange related to list building.

 For instance, you might consider creating a product or writing a sales letter for which you will share the revenues; and your partner may in turn agree to do all of the relevant list-building activities and promote one of your websites.

The method above in #7 about being a teleseminar guest is a form of a joint venture.

9. Run an affiliate program

You may be familiar with Affiliate marketing, but this time, instead of you being the affiliate, turn the tables and get affiliates building your list.

The best way is to use a site like JZvoo or Zaxaa which will let you sell your products from their site and incorporate an aff iliate program with it.

Offer a commission to your affiliates f or sales of the up sell off er they generate and they will be happy to promote your free off er in hopes to get a sale of the up sell.

If you sell your ebooks via another channel (not on your own site) such as on Amazon's kindle store, make sure you insert links within the pages that suggest the readers sign-up f or your newsletter.

Affiliates can still promote and sell it f or a nice commission. They’ll make money; and you’ll get subscribers.

10. Pay for leads

Rather than indirectly using affiliate sales or blogging to generate subscriptions, you could also consider paying directly for referrals.

You can do this by either purchasing leads formally; or by seeking out webmasters who are willing to divert traffic to your site. I.E. solo ads.

Of course, if you wish to do the latter, you will have to setup a transparent system, so that your offer appears believable.

 In particular, you will have to setup an easy-to-check traffic counter that allows your referrers to check how much traffic you received from them.

You will also usually need to pay an attractive price for the referrals you receive.

It's all about trying different things to see what works best.

 So put these tips to work, generate some subscribers, and start making sales!

Thanks for your time, Best wishes.

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