5 Pay Per Click Advertising Tips (Keywords)

1) You need to continuously check your campaigns. Many times Google will slow your campaign down if just one of your keywords isn't performing well.

2) If you have a keyword that has been labeled "at risk", make some changes and then delete that keyword and replace it with a variation of "Case". Example: Replace "cat" with "Cat".... Google will see it as a new word.

3) Google will automatically serve your ads on their Search and Content network.

The clicks you get from these (depending on your product or service) a lot of times won't convert as well as your regular ads.

You can turn this option off by going into "Edit Campaign Settings".

You may get fewer clicks, but better conversion.

4) Take advantage of your keyword matching options to better target your ads. For instance the brackets and quotes around your keywords.

 Again this usually will result in a better click. You are getting clicks from people that are searching for that exact phrase and not bits and pieces of a sentence.

5) Make sure you include keywords in your ad's text. These will be highlighted in the search results and result in more clicks... and more money for you!

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