A Business Lesson From Me

OK…I have a knack for doing to many things at once.

But usually that’s OK. I can usually control things… BUT watch out when the flood gates open.

You may have heard in the past when someone says that someday, out of no where, money and success will flow at you in such volume, you’ll think back and wonder where it was all those years.

Unfortunately, when you do so many things like I do, sometimes the wrong thing opens up!

 I have to seriously, consciously, focus all my energy at one task at a time. Knocking off one thing at a time.

If I looked at the big picture right now. If I really thought about everything hanging over my head right now, I would run away. I may…hehe....Just Kidding!.

Now, I’m just taking everything one step at a time. One thing at a time.

Some things I’m even ignoring for the good of all.

Hopefully this will subside. Maybe not… we’ll see.

My number one priority is my Business. My Customers all are my priority.

I’ve been able to balance the two worlds, online and offline, really well up till now.

But I think that is getting tough, but working on balancing it…

I’m not complaining, it’s just the transition period is trying…

Anyone thought I would share my personal life lesson. Wait, what was it?

You can start a lot of things.

You can get a lot of balls rolling… but be prepared, when you least expect it, one of those balls will take on a life of it’s own and try and knock the other ones off course.

Be prepared… when success comes, it often comes without warning.

“Success Happens when Opportunity Meets Preparation…”

Have a Wonderful Day !

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