Don’t Get Stuck On Only Google!

Is it laziness? Is it narrow or closed mindedness? Is it lack of direction?

Maybe I’m just lucky.

 I stumbled upon the  some right information online early to avoid this pitfall…

For some reasons, people think when you have a website, there is only one way to promote them and make money.

And that’s why they fail someday!

Hey for example, they get all this Google traffic and make some good money.

And then one day after the other Google changes some things in their Algorithm like the panda and penguin updates, then their business is toast…

I know it’s cliche, but don’t put all your eggs in ONLY the Google basket.

Not even just Google… but search engines in general.

The reason I brought this up today is because someone called anything other than SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a fad… Wow.!

The reason because I said that Webmaster’s have to evolve and think outside to the Search Engine box.

And I guess there are types of websites that thrive in the Search Engine environment or don’t care if they make money… and that’s fine.

But if you want to make a living online and make some money, you have to always expand your horizons.

I am not really suggesting fads.

These are techniques and ideas that are tried and true methods that have been used for years to make a lot of people some money…

People (that I know) have made hundreds of dollars online without ever giving Search Engines… and even Pay Per Click advertising… too much attention.

 They don’t care.

 They don’t need them.

I’m not going to get into all the different ways you can make money or get traffic without search engine, but there are so many ways out there…

Don’t think I’m saying I don’t think search engines aren’t a good way to get free traffic. They are!

At the very least though, go after multiple engines… don’t get stuck on ONLY Google…

I think long term.

There are things you MUST do to protect your long term objectives.

Just worrying about SEO isn’t going to secure that.

Have a wonderful day.

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