6 Marketing Ways To Make Income Daily Online

The suggestions below can earn you an income of $50 within a 24 hours period,  if you work at it.

These ways might take a bit of time to get set up and going, but once it's set, it sure will earn you over $50 a day, over and over again everyday in the long run.

#1: Hubpages

Think of Hubpages as a place where you can get a free publishing page but it can be a very long one page  Article.

When setting up a Hubpage Hub, you first need to do some research on keywords.

Trust me -this is important.

So think about your Hub and come up with 4 or 5 key word phrases. Pop them in Google and see what competition you're up against.

 You can also go to Google's adword keyword generator...


Use the tab keyword variations, enter your key words and then hit the "get more key words" tab underneath.

Pick out eight to ten key word phrases, these will be your tags.

Now go to Hubpages.com and get yourself a Hub using your key word phrase as the name of the lens. Set up your bio in your bio module and link to your product or website in that module.

Now write an article pf about 1200 to 1500 words essay using your key word phrase.

The essay should be relevant to your product or niche. In the essay link to your product, affiliate product and/or to your website.

You might want to use a teaser phrase to encourage people to click on the link.

Add a poll and an Amazon module, then add another text module with links to other products or affiliate products.

Add ebay module. Then another text module and finally end with a guestbook.

This may sound complicated but all the modules are clearly explained and it's really a matter of point and click to populate your module with interesting products.

You can earn money from your Hubs through the adsense and different modules products, such as books from Amazon.com, products from ebay, products that you're an affiliate for linked to the post and direct traffic to your own website or blog.

#2: AdSense

Google through their Adsense program, offers paid advertising through the use of text linked ads placed on websites. A better philosophy is to make the site content rich to attract visitors and establish a level of trust.

 The visitor feels comfortable and when they've found the information they needed they are more likely to click on one of the text based ads.

These ads can also be placed on blogs. Advertisers hope to subvert visitors to click on the text ad and visit their own websites through these text linked ads.

The advertisers pay Google for every visitor that clicks through. Google passes on some of the money to the owner of the websites where the click originated.

This is known as PPC or pay per click. Savvy Internet marketers build websites on topics that have a high PPC with the sole purpose of earning money.

Some of these sites known as MFA or Made For AdSense contain little or no redeeming content.

The website's owner's intent is to place high in the search engines for a niche key word phrase.

Let;s Say "Natural Cures for Whatever."

People have a tendency to only look at the first page of results when searching on search engines. They click on the "Natural Cures for Whatever" site.

 When they arrive on the site and there is little information, in an effort to leave the site quickly, they click on one of the text linked ads to navigate away.

How much money you can earn with AdSense depends on the topic of your website, your keyword usage and most importantly your traffic. People look for all sorts of information on the Internet.

Quite a bit of the time they're looking for a solution to a problem or how- to-do something.

If your website addresses those issues, the odds are it will make more money than a generic site.

You have to have a website already up and running before you apply for AdSense.

They are accepting blogs for AdSense revenue as well.

Once you get one of your blogs or websites approved you can add the AdSense to your other sites/blogs without additional approval.

An easy way to get approved is by creating a quality content blog on Blogger.com, make some posts over a month or so, and  then apply.

Once you're approved you have your choice of style and size of ad. You don't have to do any of the coding.

You dont have to know how to incorporate the code on your website or blog.  It's not difficult.

You can track how much money you're making nearly in real time on the adsense dashboard.

#3: Use Forums and Discussion Groups

You can join forums and discussion groups that relate to your website/blog/Hubpage. Search for discussion group sites like http://apsense.com, viralnetworks and http://groups.google.com for groups that are relevant to your niche.

You can also search for discussion groups by subject matter. Type in the search engines +discussion +groups +mothers+young +children, for example.

Another alternative is to find websites that relate to your website that have forums.

There's a huge forum for internet marketers at Viralnetworks, for example.

Many online publications on your topic will have forums as well.

Join these discussion groups. In your profile make sure you keep your signature short and sweet but do include a one sentence description of your site/blog/Hubpage and a link.

When questions come up, or the conversation focuses on your topic, you can post a short answer and then mention there is an article or suggestion that would be helpful to the members at your site and give the link.

Of course don't spam the members or just post one or two word answers, like "thank you" or "I agree" just to post.

#4: Social Networking Sites

Keep in mind the word networking is a verb, and that means action. Go to Googleplus, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, pinterest and Myspace to set up a profile that reflects the product/website/affiliate product you want to sell. Keep the profile fun and interesting.

You can also use the blog at Myspace to update your profile. You can add photos on facebook and twitter, videos from YouTube, and games.

Then search for friends using your key words to find people interested in your product.

Say you have a golf product, search for golfers. If you have a recipe book, search for people who like to cook. You can also join the forums at Myspace and look for friends that way.

The advantage of having friends is that you can then send bulletins to your friends that will automatically be posted at their Facebook and Myspace profile and seen by all their friends.

 If you have 500 friends and they each have 300 friends, one of your bulletins can potentially be seen by over 10,000 people.

Ryze is also an old webmasters social networking that leans a little more toward business. Again set up your profile with your links, then look for groups to join.

The groups should be relevant to your website or products. Most groups have active discussions going on. Answer questions, ask questions and contribute to the discussion.

There are lots of other social networking sites you can join. Every day spend a few minutes visiting each of your site's network.

When appropriate put ads on Facebook, Twitter, Adwords, Craigslist and USFreeads about your product or service you're offering. 

#5: Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is a buzz word and it simply means marketing to a small niche rather than a broad market. For example: Your blog is about cures for sinus headaches, that's very broad.

A narrower niche would be natural cures for sinus headaches and an even narrower niche is natural herbal cures for sinus headaches.

The logic is that there are fewer blogs/websites competing for the very narrow niche than the much broader topic.

 There will be fewer people searching for natural herbal cures for sinus headaches but more of them will be ready to buy a product or click on an AdSense ad.

#6: BUM Marketing

Bum marketing is simply using articles you've written to drive traffic to a blog/website/Hub page you've set up that sells an affiliate product, or your own product.

The article is submitted to article directories and includes a bio box that has a little bit about you and the link to your blog/website/Hub page.

The tricks to BUM Marketing are very simple.

1. Use keywords in the title of your article and in the article itself so people searching for those keywords will find your article on the major search engines.

2. Make the article informative and interesting, but leave the readers wanting more.

3. Include a teaser in your bio box that entices the reader to click on the link to your website/blog.

4. Write enough articles using those keywords.

How much is enough? A rule of thumb is one article per day for the first month.

Useful Resources

Article Directories












Now you have lots of fun ways to possibly earn $50 within 24 hours, over and over again on the long term.

I hope you're successful with your Internet Marketing efforts. Just keep in mind it takes time to establish any kind of business. Don't give up.

To Your Success, have great Time!

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