7 Simple Tips To Safely Avoid Fraudsters Anywhere Online

The fact is, there are lots of Fraudsters and Spammers online looking for people to defraud.

Over the years, they have highly increased in number sending thousands of emails on daily basis to email box of unsuspecting People Online.

These are people with fake Products, fake Identity and fake services who are only after your money and resources.

You must try as much as possible to avoid these kind of people every time especially when making purchases one eCommerce site or even on social media sites.

 The followings are some few tips to avoid being scammed or defrauded online:

1. Do not buy from a site that does have regulations.

2. Buy only from sellers that have been rated as the best or those keep their words.

3.  If you are buying from ebay.com for example, always look for sellers that have trusted logo.

 4. The sellers with the trust logo have over the time gained the trust of buyers for being honest and sincere.

5. Always buy from sellers that have money back guarantee on their products. To have given you a money back guarantee on their products or services means they believe what they are selling to you really works.

6. Buy Mostly from sellers that have a lot of positive feedback from customers.

7. Never go after what you don’t know and do not respond to emails from people or companies you dont know.

Some people try sending products into your mail box, dont open or respond just delete it and dont click on the link provided. Those links usually redirect and submit the data of unsuspecting people to these Fraudsters.

Have a productive day.

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