How To Make A Professional Video For Selling Products And Services

Making a professional video means you need to have a certain style. You will want to wear a suit and tie (if you’re a man) or a dress top and professional hair and make-up (if you’re a woman).

The background of the video should be a solid color and you will want sit with the video only showing your upper torso, Or you might just stand in front if you are using something like a white board.

Also, make sure whatever color you’re wearing doesn’t clash with the background of the video. It’s important to keep your appearance professional. Bright colors, loud make-ups, huge hair and a five o’clock shadow are not professional at all.

A professional video should be short and informative. This is the kind of video you want to show to business CEO’s and use to sell yourself as a reputable investment.

 You want to market your product by marketing yourself. In other words, you need to do the following:

. Speak professionally

.  Be Articulate

. Describe the product or Service

. Show an example of the product or service if necessary

. Explain why the product is a good investment 

One thing many people have a hard time with on camera is the ability to speak professionally.

Slang is not professional, you must choose your words carefully and make sure they are grammatically correct. 

I suggest writing down your thoughts on a piece of paper first, in speech form, and then memorizing the speech. It is not professional to hold notes in your hand when you’re making your own video.

If you have difficulty memorizing speeches (you’re not alone, by the way) it’s okay to have someone hold speech cards up for you to look at, it's done even in making movies. The reason you don’t want to hold note
 cards yourself is that it is unprofessional to look down away from the camera.

It’s almost important to note that the first few seconds of your video must get the attention of the viewer(s) so it’s a good idea to summarize in a few words what the viewer(s) will get out of watching your video.

“You must look at the camera at all times,just as if you were looking into the eyes of your peers.”

Don’t get caught up in the camera or Video, simply be yourself and be confident about your product and services.

You must accurately describe your products or services. Many people assume that the product speaks for itself (and in most cases it does) but what is the point in making a video if you are not going to sell your product? If your video is about an idea, then you have to sell your idea.

 Be Articulate

When speaking into the camera make sure you articulate your words. Don't sounds as if you are contradicting yourself,by running words together and mumbling.

You don’t want to mumble.

Speak clearly and at a conversational tone level. If you have to practice pacing yourself, then do so. It’s more important that people understand you than it is to entertain people.

Speak your words clearly, at a conversational pace, and with a professional tone voice. That means don’t over exaggerate your cheerfulness into words and don’t sound as if you’re depressed or sarcastic.

“Speak optimistically neutral into the camera.”

It might sound like an oxymoron, but optimistically neutral is the basic way we speak when we are trying to sell something.

Have you ever gone to a coffee shop or fast food place and listened to their tone of voice? Perhaps you’ve called your credit card and heard the operator greet you pleasantly, but still neutrally.

This is what I call optimistically neutral. You are not showing any form of self-doubt and you are keeping things on naturally optimistic, but professionally neutral, level.

Describe the Product 

When you describe the product(s) and Service(s) you are trying to sell, it’s important you don’t overdo it. One thing some people tend to do on camera that drives consumers crazy (myself included) is give or say a bunch of technical jargon that nobody understands and, more importantly, nobody cares about.

I can tell you I like a shiny toaster. I will gladly listen to you describe the way my toast will pop out perfectly in record time, but I don’t want to know how it works. I really don’t.

Just tell me that it works, show me an example and let me purchase your product, Simple!

It gets more frustrating, when people who try to over explain (or even worse who try to over sell me) than I ever would if you just pleasantly introduce me to the product and give me a quick “how to”. 

Show an Example of the Product if Necessary

Speaking of the quick “how to”, I don’t find it terribly necessary to show an example of the product working unless you must. It is not necessary to over work yourself trying to impress your consumers, you want to show that you have the kind of product or idea that speaks for itself.

Now, sometimes it is impossible to demonstrate the product. If you have a new type of oven idea, but don’t have a prototype, then you will not be able to describe the product by example.

However, if you have your turbo pen and you think people should see it in action (What?! It writes under water??? I NEED one!!!) then yes, by all means, demonstrate your product. 

There’s just one catch:

Only demonstrate your product if you can do so comfortably without making an idiot of yourself.

Take this from someone who has made this mistake before, if you cannot comfortably and accurately show your product as being hassle free, then don’t try to demonstrate it.

Nobody wants to watch you struggle. They won’t buy it.

Explain Why Your Product is a Good Investment

You do have to explain why your product is a good investment. You have to give a good reason to your potential consumers that your computer software is going to make them happy or your turbo pen is better than any other pen on the planet.

“Having a good product is not enough; you have to have a product people can’t live without.”

Remember, marketing is a competition and as with any competition you have to show that you are the best.

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