How To Blog For Profit With Affiliate Network Marketing

If you like to write, blogging just might be a profitable business model for you.

The key with blogs is having both high-quality content and the implementation of solid monetizing features.

The most profitable blogs use a mix of Adsense type advertising and affiliate marketing.

Take a look at my blog over at

Can you spot the money-makers?

First, I've got Adsense advertisements running across the top as a menu.

On the Right-hand side of the page, I have Adsense ads to mix things up a bit, and then there's another block of  ads below the articles. 

Now, take a look at the actual blog posts. I have banner ads running at the top and I'm earning revenue from those advertisements.

I also earn revenue by linking to my own sites in the resource box of each article.

Finally I collect leads using the ad for a free report.

The real fuel, though, is my content. I focus on posting helpful, useful content, with an eye on making my articles keyword rich, and optimized for both the search engines and Adsense.

This is very important because Adsense ads are contextual, and culled from the keywords in the surrounding content.

The more relevant the ads, the more clicks you're going to get.

Types of Blogs You Can Profit From…

You can start a blog for just about any topic.

However, you should pick a niche topic that has some solid affiliate programs and search revenue behind it.

Also, it’s important you know that blog readers, as a whole, are savvier than the average Internet user - and this is reflected in the types of blogs that are the most popular.

The hottest topics out there for blogging fall under Internet marketing, cutting edge technology and politics.

Music and art related blogs also tend to draw a large audience.

Most often, you'll find that these blogs offer a mix of news, how-to articles, reviews and opinions. Let's go through how all this breaks down in terms of content.

Product Review Blogs:

Product review blogs are popular and profitable.

These blog focus on news and reviews of the latest gadgets on the market.

Blogs like these can be monetized with Adsense, and somewhat with affiliate marketing (not all of these products have affiliate programs associated with them).

Now, if I were you, I wouldn't try to run a blog that requires this much research.

 Instead, I take the theme of new, cutting edge products and apply it to one product niche - something like the latest digital cameras or why not the latest mp3 players.

This will make your job easier, and assure you a much greater chance of finding merchants who carry these products and have affiliate programs.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your reviews will likely need to be more informational or news-based in nature, as you won't be able to personally test all of these products when you start out.

However, you don't have to review physical products.

You can also create a blog to review the latest software and information products, books, music, etc.

These products, from a cost standpoint, are much more accessible.

For example, let's say you decide to start a blog for budget conscious PC users.

 You could review the latest shareware and freeware products and the market quite easily, as they are all downloadable from site like Amazon ( ), CNET Download ( ) -- and hundreds of others.

There's virtually no cost to you to test and review these products, and there's plenty of affiliate opportunities for them.

 Also, you've got a lot of leeway in what you focus on.

You could, for example, narrow your niche down to photo editing software only.

Writing review for this would be a snap…

Just describe the program, put up some screen shots and maybe some examples of photos you edited using the software, to show your results.

Then, link to the trial download using your affiliate link.

Informational Blogs:

An information focused blog is usually centered around news and how to information.

Most Internet marketing blogs fall under this category. 

Your front end product is the content you provide.

Your blog could primarily be information focused, rather the product review focused.

You can share how to info centered on online and affiliate marketing.

The affiliate commissions you can make from the blog can be stealthy.

You will be able to link directly to products with just a mention of their titles, or in keywords associated with them.

For example, you may have a post where you talk about the importance of list building, and hyperlink those types of keywords with an affiliate link for a list building related product or service.

You can also monetize your blog in other places by using Adsense ads, affiliate banners, etc.

You can do this same thing for other niches.

 In fact, I would recommend coming up with a niche unrelated to Internet marketing.

Again, think of the areas that interest you or in which you have some knowledge to share.

 It might be cooking or car repair or anything else you feel you could write about on a frequent basis.

Your posts don't have to be novel length. All you're really doing is writing short articles.

Let's say you started a car repair blog. What are some topics you could cover?

• Pain free way to change your own oil, and save money!

• Tire Safety: How to Spot Problems Before You Hit the Road

• Top Ten Tips to Prepping Your Car for Winter Driving Conditions

• Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Unscrupulous Mechanics

• Used Car Nightmares: How to Spot a 'Lemon' Before Its Too Late, etc.

Plenty of people are looking for this type of information, and you could develop a base of regular readers in a couple of ways:

1. Syndicate your content. You might have a “Car Tip of the Week” feature, for example. Set your blog to send out a ping for this each week when you post it.

2. Collect subscribers. Set up an opt-in list that your blog readers can subscribe to in order to be alerted to new posts.

3. Get Links from related blogs and car-related blog rings.

4. Run Contests and Promotions. Let's say you're an affiliate of the car wax company called 5 Star Shine (they have a great affiliate program by the way).

You might be able to work out a JV with the owner to give out free samples.

Note, the above 4 tactics hold true for any niche and any blog type you use. Not just in the sample case I'm describing here.

Automated Affiliate Blogs:

Automated affiliate blogs are virtually hands-free. Instead of posting content or products by hand, you can set up a special script that will post product images, descriptions and your affiliate links automatically.

The scripts which accomplish this for you are known as affiliate data feed scripts.

The major affiliate networks, such as Shareasale ( ), allow merchants the option of uploading data feeds of all their products.

These feeds are actually just text files which contain a list of their products, specially formatted to be pulled in and displayed by a data feed script.

As an affiliate, you can find the merchants that have data feeds, join their programs and request data feed access.

Once access is granted, you can get the information two ways:

1. Download the information directly in either a txt file or .csv (Excel) file, then post that information selectively (by hand), or by feeding it into an existing script.

2. Set your script up to download the data file directly from the merchant via FTP.

This is the preferred method because most scripts can be set to run periodic updates, checking the feed file for new information, then posting it.

The benefit of running an automated affiliate blog is that you have your own virtual store, in a matter of speaking.

Your content creation work is minimized, and you can focus more on getting traffic to the site.

The cons of running an automated affiliate site are mostly due to the fact that both live humans and search engines may view your blog as spam.

So, if you choose to set up a blog like this, I recommend putting a human touch on it.

Go in and post some of your own content to break things up, make the site more dynamic and better optimize the site for your keywords.

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