7 Basic Website Tips To Get The Best Search Engine Listings

This is referred to as "SEO" -- Search Engine Optimization.

Many web sites, forums, and companies exist that aim or claim to help with that.

But it all basically comes down to this:

   1.  In most of your site designs, use text rather than images and Flash for important contents.

2.  Make your site work with JavaScript, Java and CSS disabled.

3.  Organize your site such that you have pages that focus on a particular topic.

    4. Avoid Using Unnecessary HTML frames and iframes.

   5.  Use normal URLs, avoiding links that look like form queries (http://www.example.com/engine?id).

This usually Confuses the search engines.

   6.  Market your site by having other relevant sites link to yours

  7.  Don't try to cheat the system (by stuffing your pages of keywords, or attempting to target specific content at search engines, or using link farms).

You May Later get banned, which is Just So Wrong!

Enjoy Your Day.

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