3 Suggested Models To Profit Online

Model #1: Private Label And Resale Rights

Do you like the idea of owning your own product, but still don't want to go through the hassle of coming up with products ideas and doing all the creative work?

Private label rights/resale rights might be for you. First, let's define our terms…

Private Label Rights: These give you the ability to take a pre-existing product, and put your name and branding on it.

In other words, you get to label and promote the product as if it were your own.

Note, this is not affiliate marketing.

You'll actually be the one delivering the product, and processing payment transactions (you can set up your own affiliate program to promote it).

There are lots of products which can be private labeled.

The most common private label rights products are usually ebooks or software, but there are also opportunities to private label services, such as autoresponders, and physical goods, like vitamins or candy bars, etc.

Resale Rights:

These grant you the right to sell a product as if it were your own, but without the benefit of putting your name on it.

You aren't allowed to alter the product in any way.

If you want something you can alter, edit and improve upon, then look for either private label rights or master resale rights.

Now that you understand the terms, let's talk about how you set up shop.

First, you'll want to choose a niche market to focus on.

Your choices might be constrained somewhat based on where you're acquiring your rights from.

Most of the information product rights opportunities center around popular subjects like cooking, relationships, health and finance.

Rather than acquiring rights one product a time, people generally sign up with membership sites which offer a variety of resale and private label products on a monthly basis.

Model #2: Creating And Selling Products

From The Public Domain

The public domain is really a blessing to info-product marketers. Imagine creating a full-length ebook without ever writing a single word?

You can find a lot of usable content in the public domain – everything from books to images to audio.

As long as the copyright on the work has expired, it’s for you to do with as you wish.

The bulk of the work you'll have to do to create products this way comes down to getting them into a salable format. 

Most public domain books, for example, are not yet digitized – and the ones that are, are typically distributed as text files.

This means you'll have to reformat that content into a .pdf file (the standard file format for ebooks) before you sell it.

Of course, you'll want to use your own header graphics and other bells and whistles in the ebook as well.

Although public domain content is a great way to get an instant product, there are also some obstacles involved in uncovering appropriate niche topics.

Again, only a fraction of the public domain has been digitized and made available on the Internet.

So, if you're just using site like gutenberg.org try and locate the content, you'll have a difficult time locating it.

In order to unearth the real gems, you need to search through the WorldCat database.

WorldCat is a database which links the card catalogs of libraries around the world.

When you do a search via WorldCat, you have access to literally thousands of little-known public domain titles.

Somewhere out there is a library which holds the physical copy of the work you're looking for in its collection.

Once you locate that library, you can request that work via the Inter library Loan System, and have that work mailed to your local library for pick up.

Pretty neat, huh? So, the first thing you need to do is log on here: http://www.worldcat.org, and then click on “Advanced Search” .

Now, you can do one of two things:

1. Use some of your niche keywords in the “Keywords” search, or

2. Use some of your niche keywords in the “Title” search.

Now, go down to the bottom of the form where it says “Publication Date”.

Enter something like 1870 as the year for the start date, and enter 1923 for the end date.

What this will do is pull up titles matching your search terms for works which should be in the public domain.

What we're aiming for here is to get a broad list of titles pertinent to your niche.

For my search, I entered “cooking” as my keyword.

One of the interesting titles the search pulled up is: “Clever Cooking”, published in 1903.

This should be in the public domain.

I go ahead and click on the title. Now, here's where it gets interesting.

The WorldCat has automatically detected my location based on my IP address, and returned a match for the library closest to my location that has a copy of “Clever Cooking”.

I can now click on the web link to that library's website, and fill out my Interlibrary Loan Request to check out the book.

- What happens when I get the book?

Once you've found a good title you want to turn into a product, you'll need to get it into ebook format.

This is probably the hardest part of the process.

Unless the book is extremely short, you're probably not going to want to type the entire contents of the book into your word processing program :)

What you'll need to do next is find an OCR scanning service.

OCR stands for “optical character recognition”, and it’s basically a type of software that can recognize text within images.

When you do an OCR scan of a book, you scan it on a regular scanner, just like you would for a picture.

The software then tries to convert what it sees into text.

You should be able to find some companies in your area that will perform this service for you.

If you can't find any, though, you have two options:

1. Do the scanning and conversion yourself (still somewhat time intensive and will require you invest money into the needed tools)

2. Send the book by mail to a company such as http://www.datadash.com - Whether you can do this will depend on how long you're allowed to keep the book checked out.

Some titles ordered through inter library loan can be kept for the standard 2 weeks.

This is usually enough time to mail off the book, get it scanned and mailed back to you.

I recommend going with a pro service whenever you can.

It will take a lot of the burden off of you, and ensure more professional results.

 Once you've got your book in its final format, its time to start marketing.

You can sell it as a digital download, or you can put it on a CD.

You can sell it from your own website, or you can sell it on Ebay.

It’s never too late to start looking for your next public domain product, either.

You can have a 2nd product in production while the sales are coming in on the first one.

The fact that you can roll out product after product with public domain information is one of the reasons it’s so addictive, and so profitable.

Model #3: Selling Knowledge Via Paid E-Classes And Teleseminars

If you have some special skill or knowledge to share with others, then teaching people via E- Classes or Teleseminars could be a great business for you.

You might wonder: “Why should I sell my knowledge in one those formats instead of, say, writing it all down into an ebook?”

- There are several reasons.

First, these alternative formats allow for much greater speed in terms of how long it takes to get your product to the market.

This is especially true with teleseminars.

For example, let's say you have a real talent for speaking 'off the cuff'. You could sit down for just an hour two to create basic teleseminar outline, then improvise off of that.

Your product creates itself the moment you begin the call.

You can even sell an audio recording or transcript of the call after the fact for extra profit.

Also, teleseminars are easy to set up.

There are many services which will host your teleseminar for free (see resources below).

All you have to do is market the call effectively so you can get an audience to sign up for it.

E-Classes are also quite simple to set up. You can create your content in advance, or just create on course module at a time as you go along through the course schedule.

The E-Class information can be delivered via autoresponder, or even on your website.

Now, here's the other thing about these two methods.

“You can charge much more for the information than you’d for an ebook”

E-courses and teleseminars have a higher perceived value in the minds of most people.

Where you might get away charging $97 for an e-book, you could charge $197 or more for an

And that's not all...you can also set things up so that you get paid a huge, lump sum before your class is even created.

Let's say you have a sizable opt-in list. You mail the list to let them know about your e-class or teleseminar, and you request payment and registration in advance.

Maybe you get 10 people to register and pay you $197 for an e-class that begins 2 weeks away.

You've just made $1970 at one whack, and you haven't even sat down to create the course content yet.

This many times works like gangbusters.

- Sounds Good, But How Do I Get Started?

First step:

Determine what you have to offer, and what niche your knowledge fits into.

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt, and don't feel like you have to have specialized, 'professional' knowledge.

You probably have a lot to offer just based on your life experience.

Maybe you are an expert at:

• Getting out of debt quickly?
• Living on a budget, and finding bargains?
• Losing weight?
• Cooking healthy Italian meals?
• Flipping real estate?
• Dealing with a chronic health condition?
• Surviving graduate school?
• Healing relationships?
• Feng Shui?
• Auto repair?
• Traveling Europe for free?
• Restoring old furniture?

You get the idea. Anything you know how to do that others would find useful is fair game.

If you’re not an expert at anything (which is highly unlikely), then you can make it even easier by interviewing industry experts within your niche.

Everyone loves to be interviewed and if your sales pitch is good enough, your potential joint venture partner will bite.

The best part about interviews is often, you don’t even need to create the content as it will be provided by the interviewee.

You just need to provide an outline and facilitate the teleseminar.

Second step:

Decide which format works best for the information.

If you've got a lot of ground to cover, and you need to make use of visual aids, you're probably better of doing an E-Class.

You can split things up into as many weeks or months as needed.

You can also split information across multiple teleseminars, but most of the time I think you'll find just one or two calls will be enough for most subjects.

It really depends on how much detail you plain on going into, whether you want to hold question and answer sessions with your audience, etc.

Third step:
Create a basic template for presentation.

Create at least the first one to two modules of your e-class, if that's the route your taking – that way, you can get started on marketing asap instead of waiting until you have everything written.

If you're holding a teleseminar, create an outline of the topics to be covered.

Also, you need to determine whether you'll need a co-host to help stimulate the discussion.

Your co-host will, in essence, be interviewing you and helping you stay on topic.

Otherwise, if you go it alone, you might feel like your just giving a speech via telephone.

Fourth Step:
Determine your marketing strategy.

How will you get people to register for your e-class or signup for your teleseminar?

There are two quick ways to do this. The fastest way is to seek out joint venture partners to
help promote you.

And if you’re interviewing someone as described in step two, you could get this same person to promote for you.

In other words, you want to find some fellow business people in your niche, and see if they're willing to promote your course or call to their opt-in lists.

You'll need to work out some benefits for them.

For example, if you set up an affiliate program, you can offer them a high commission on course or teleconference referrals.

If they have a complementary product, you could offer to put in a plug for that product in your course or during the call.

A second method, somewhat slower, is to set up your website and opt-in list, and start collecting subscribers.

You'd want to set up a landing page that encourages people to sign up to find out about the course or teleconference.

Here's some sample copy for that, just to clarify how this would work:

Is That Ragged, Old Sofa Blocking the Flow of Wealth Into Your Life? (headline)

It could be. At least, according to the ancient Chinese wisdom of Feng Shui.

Feng what?? 

Feng Shui. If you haven't heard of it before, feng shui is the art of positioning objects like furniture and decorations in your home, as well as positioning certain “power colors” in key places.

The heart of the process comes down to balancing “Yin” energy and “Yang” energy.

There are all sorts of crazy things you wouldn't expect could have an impact on the flow of energy in your life.

For example:

- Having insomnia? Make sure you don't have an abundance of red in your bedroom!

- Money problems? Make sure you always keep the lid to the toilet closed!

- Experiencing conflict? You might have too many sharp edges or objects in your environment.

Balancing the energies in your home can have an enormous impact on your quality of life.

I can help you learn to do just that.

As a feng shui practitioner with over 5 years experience, I've created energy miracles for hundreds of people just like you!

And for a limited time only, I'm bringing my expertise straight to your phone via an exclusive, live, 2 hour teleseminar.

Find out how you can be on the call by signing up below...etc, etc.

It’s as easy as that. You lay out some traditional content bait to get people interested in product, and then get them onto your list, where you can plug the details of the teleseminar or ecourse.

You'll have a ready made audience on your list.

Final Step:
Once you've got your content and promotion strategy lay out, all you need to do is get the technical resources in place.

For E-Classes, you'll want to grab a good autoresponder service like Getresponse, Listwire, Aweber or a combined autoresponder and hosting service.

Have a Nice day.

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