Agricultural mechanization is the application of engineering principles and technology to agricultural production, storage and processing of plants and animal products on the farm. The intention of agricultural mechanization is to increase food production and to meet the need of increasing population and industrial request for raw materials.  
1.   It reduces or eliminates drudgery
2.   It enhances increase in food production
3.   It improves the standard of living of the farmer
4.   Farm labour output per man is increased
5.   Re-claimation of waste land is possible through water drainage on water-logged area.
6.   It ensures more efficient artificial application of water to the farm land (irrigation)
1.   It is very costly to purchase agricultural machinery because it requires a lot of money
2.   It damages crops if care is not taken 
3.   It aids the spread of diseases and pests through contaminated machinery
4.   It leads to unemployment
5.   It results into environmental pollution
6.   High cost of maintenance
7.   Scarcity of spare parts
8.   It causes soil compartment and destruction of soil structure
1.   Land Tenure System: The type of land tenure especially communal land tenure system does not allow for large farm holding suitable for mechanization.
2.   Scattered Land Holding: Scattered farm holding or farms not located in the same place is not conducive or economical for mechanization especially in West Africa.
3.   Poverty: Most o the farmers especially in West Africa are very poor and cannot afford the cost of tractor and farm implements.
4.   Inadequate Machinery/Facilities: The facilities or machinery to fabricate and repair farm implements are grossly inadequate
5.   Topography: Topography of most West Africa countries is bad and  not conducive for farm mechanization.
6.   Varied Soil Types: Soil types vary and the machines used on a type of soil may not be fit for another. For instance, Nigeria depends on imported machinery most of which are not suitable to cultivate our land
7.   Inadequate Spare Parts: Spare parts of these machines are still being imported therefore they are not readily available
8.   Inadequate Technical Manpower: Available technical manpower to operate or service is not adequate
9.   Problem of stumps and logs: During clearing, heavy stumps and logs are usually left behind and they constitute additional problem in mechanization.
1.   Farmers should be educated about the importance of modern system of farming especially in the area of mechanization.
2.   Government should provide loan to enable the farmer to purchase farm machineries
3.   The land tenure system should be reviewed to enable farmers acquire large hectares of land
4.   Simple and less expensive machines should be developed
5.   Farmer should form co-operative societies to enable them pull their resources together to buy farm machineries
6.   Government should establish agricultural engineering schools or institutions to train personal and fabricate simple machines.
7.   Non-governmental organization should come to the aid of farmers by providing assistance to them in form of loan or by giving them farm machineries freely.
1.   Lack of Capital: Agricultural mechanization needs huge amount of money to purchase agricultural machines and equipments. Since majority of the farmers in West Africa are poor they cannot afford these huge amount of many hence, agricultural mechanization is still at developmental stage.
2.   Climate/Climatic Problem: Generally, most of the machines are designed and constructed mainly for temperate region hence, they easily get spoilt and breakdown in Nigeria  
3.   Land Tenure System Problem: The system of land ownership brings about land fragmentation and division of land into smaller units which affect commercial agriculture and agricultural mechanization.
4.   Lack of Spare Parts: For machines to last longer, it has to be regularly and properly maintained. Spare parts imported and thereby not readily available.
5.   Unavailability of Agricultural Experts: Experts such as agricultural engineer, extension agents e.t.c These people are needed for maintenance  of farm machines and farmer’s education but unfortunately not many of them are in the service of government.
6.   Small Scale Market: Since agricultural mechanization leads to increase in agricultural products, if it not complement with large market the farmer may not be able to dispose their produce which will bring about loss on the part of the farmer.
7.   Seasonality of Agricultural Product: Agricultural production in most of West Africa countries are seasonal i.e. it occurs during the rainy season as a result of which machines lie fallow (un-used) for a long period of time.

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