Land And It’s Uses

Land can be defined as the solid part of the earth’s surface that supports production such as crop and livestock production.


The use of land can be classified into 2 groups

1.   Use of land for agricultural purpose

2.   Use of land for non-agricultural purposes

1.   Use of Land for Agricultural Purpose: This is an area of land that is specifically used for agricultural production.

2.   Use of Land for Non Agricultural Purpose: This is a piece of land that is used for non-agricultural purposes


1.   Crop Production: Land is used for the production of food and cash crops such as maize, rice, millet cowpea cassava, cocoa, cotton, cashew, kolanut, rubber, groundnut etc.

2.   Livestock Production: Land is also used for the production of livestock such as cattle, sheep, goat, poultry production etc.

3.   Livestock Grazing: Land is used for planting of grasses upon which livestock like cattle, sheep and goat graze.

4.   Forestry: Land is used to establish forest reserves from where some resources are tapped for man’s use

5.   Fishery: Land is used for the construction of ponds where fishes and other aquatic are raised

6.   Wildlife and Games Reserves: Land is used for wildlife conservation which are centres of attraction.    

7.   Construction of Dam: Land is used for the construction of dam for the purpose of irrigation in agriculture.


1.   Housing:  land is used for the construction of residential building, estates, offices and other farm  settlement

2.   Transport: land is used for the construction of roads, railway, airports, seaports etc.

3.   Socio-Economic Activities: Land is used for the construction of schools, hospitals, stadia, churches, mosques, recreation centre etc.

4.   Industrial use: Land is also used for the construction of various industries that produce different goods e.g. oil industries

5.   Mining: land where minerals are found are used for mining.

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