6 Simple Ways To Attract Visitors Online

1. Using your own website (including blog)
  • posting an article about a topic;
  • placing ad banner;
  • placing text ads.
2. Using YouTube
  • recording and publishing your own video review about your service ( mentioning a partner link in the description right under the video);
  • publishing official videos on your own channel;
  • Commenting on irrelevant videos is qualified as spam.

3. Using social networks
  • placing your partner link in your group;
  • placing your partner link on your personal page;
  • commenting on relevant groups, videos, posts, etc.;
  • recording and posting videos into your albums;
  • posting our official videos in your albums.
4. Commenting on relevant websites/blogs
You can comment on relevant websites and blogs.

The more natural your comment looks, the higher the chance that the moderator approves it.

On the contrary, unthoughtful commenting with mentioning your partner link will unlikely yield any result and, at the same time, such comments will likely be removed.
5. Discussing on forums
  • creating new topic on a forum;
  • replying in discussions on relevant topics;
  • placing your partner link in your message signature.
This involves searching for relevant questions and answering them with mentioning your partner link.

Important note: It is recommended to use a link shortening service.

To conclude, it is important that all activities on advertising our service look natural.

Information must be relevant for the ad to help us find users that are interested in our service.

Spam, ie mass publishing of the content on various resources on the internet that are outside of core business, and continuously persistent advertisement are strictly prohibited.
All other forbidden ways of partner link advertisement can be found at terms and conditions page.
Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration!

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