Things To Bulid And Cost Of A Website Online

 To Bulid And Cost Of A Website Online, Now this question may be difficult to answer directly, because it comes down to a few things, These are some of the things to put into consideration. it varies really.

1. The kind of website it is (obviously a website for a business that has only regular stuff like a contact page, about us, gallery, etc will cost less than an E-commerce website as well as sites with higher levels of functionality.

2. The designer/developer: People have their prices, what you need to do is get samples of previous jobs from different developers to determine whose style you like then request for quotes.

3. Also the urgency of the project. If you need it ASAP you may be asked to pay a little bit more, "may" being the operative word.

In addition to what is listed above, there may be other factors like:

4. Who develops the content? Do you have the content of the website ready for the team to copy and paste or do they have to develop the contents afresh.

5. Does the contract include development of logos?

6. Who hosts and who updates site content?

Just pick a sample website and contact several developers.

Everything depends on what the clients wants, your knowledge and expertise.

1) Normal informational sites with Just Home, About Us, Services , Blog and Contact Page either built with Word Press or HTML,CSS and JS

2) Normal Word Press site with the above pages structure and blog plus membership section Plus Forum

3)Dynamic website that enables users to create/update accounts and access some section of the site based on their accounts

4) E-Commerce website built with CMS software.

All of the above comes at different costs. In addition to the above are you adding

1) Hosting services?

2) Maintenance/ Training

3) SEO/Digital Marketing services

The above can add to the cost of your offering.....

if you need further help or clarification you can contact me.

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