28 Other Creative Ways To Readily Promote Your Blog

 Listed below are more creative ways to market a blog online, You can also read

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1. Use email automation services.

2. Send the second email to those who missed it.

3. Include social share links directly within your email.

4. Optimize your email content.

5. Create content for the targeted audience.

6. Have posts schedule and blog consistently.

7. Work on long-form content.

8. Use proper headlines to get more clicks.

9. Organize your content and make it scannable.

10. Add graphics and images to your content.

11. Create useful infographics.

12. Use SlideShare to promote your content.

13. Write in-depth guides.

14. Refurbish and republish your old content.

15. Create controversial content.

16. Convert your articles to PDF format.

17. Start a podcast.

18. Create a contest.

19. Run a giveaway.

20. Write an eBook.

21. Share your content on primary social networks.

22. Add social share buttons to your content.

23. Post on social media at the right time.

24. Publish your content on social media more often.

25. Add visuals to your social media posts.

26. Ask your team members to share.

27. Thank your readers for reading and sharing.

28. Tweet at the right time.

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