30 Easy Ways To Let Friends And Family Know About Your Blog Or Website

Let your friends and family know about your blog

1. Tell them in person.

2. Send them an email.

3. Have a blog launch party.

4. Announce it on social media.

5. Ask them to join your blog newsletter.

6. Ask them to share your blog with others.

7. Add your blog URL to your email signature.

8. Add your blog URL to the social profiles.

10. Add your blog to author bios.

11. Create business cards and add URL of your blog on it.

12. Network with others at every opportunity.

13. Submit your blog to directories.

14. Join social community sites.

15. Use blog promotion networks.

16. Build your network or group.

17. Be active on relevant forums.

18. Be active on groups and communities.

19. Ask and answer questions on Q&A websites.

20. Comment and interact on other blogs.

21. Collaborate with other bloggers.

22. Contribute to other blogs in your niche.

23. Let people to guest post on your blog.

24. Attend conferences and meet new people.

25. Organize events and be a speaker.

26. Grow your email subscribers list.

27. Send emails every time you post.

28. Create a curated newsletter.

29. Add your best or latest content to your email signature.

30. Send emails at the best time.

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