34 Ways To Make Your Blog Popular

1. Participate in Google Hangouts.

2. Improve your blog content with YouTube videos.

3. Make your blog content into video content.

4. Rank your YouTube videos in Google search.

5. Make your content SEO-friendly.

6. Submit your blog to search engines.

7. Do keywords research before you write.

8. Interlink your content between each other.

9. Use proper permalinks structure.

10. Focus on building links to your content.

11. Link to other authority sites.

12. Share your content with bloggers from your niche.

13. Do interviews with authority people in your niche.

14. Create roundup articles.

15. Mention influencers in your content and let them know.

16. Build a relationship with journalists and writers (HARO).

17. Ask to be invited to podcasts.

18. Partner up with other bloggers and work on projects.

19. Ask your partners to share your content.

20. Try cross promotion and marketing.

21. Using search engine ads through AdWords.

22. Applying remarketing to your visitors.

23. Promoting your articles through content advertisers.

24. Advertise your website through other channels.

25. Create an RSS feed account.

26. Look at what your competitors are doing.

27. Run a scholarship for students.

28. Syndicate your content to blogs.

29. Create free stuff and give it away.

30. Make sure your website is mobile friendly.

31. Try to get mentioned on local media.

32. Translate your content to other languages.

33. Setup analytics and measure the results.

34. Implement web push technology on your blog.

Beyond the tips listed, you can come up with other creative ways to promote your blog.

Your best bet is to start small and make adjustments to your promotional strategies along the way.

Always remember to focus on the main blog, e.g www.Ayojide.com

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