How To Sell Information Packages in Two Ways

The two main ways to sell Information Packages are stated below:

1. Write a brief, eye catching classified ad asking those interested to send their Purchase orders directly to you.
If your ad is believable, and of genuine interest, you will be surprised at how many people will respond.
If your folio is about Import and exports online, advertise it in the Import and exports Forums and Online Groups

If it is about Websites, making Money online or Internet Marketing, advertise it in the Websites, making Money online or Internet Marketing Forums, groups and Pages. 

 Be sure to run your ad  Regularly. if your folio is quite elaborate and must be sold for $5.00 or more. 

Always write a brief, tempting ad describing your Information package, offer free details and Bonus too.

Here are ads placed by folio writers in a recent issue,who use this method:

"Never Won anything?  Anyone can win Lottery contests!  Free details."  Contact me.
 "Overweight?  I lost 53 pounds.  Easily. (Permanently!) New Method.  Information Free. Contact me

"Troubles?  Free information."   "Make money From home  on your spare time. Details Free."

.  Email Marketing:  If you have written a folio showing how to get inventions patented, you could purchase a list of amateur inventors, and mail your sales page to each individual on the list. 

 If you are lucky, you'll sell your folio to about one person in every twenty or Thirty People or so. 

 2.  Email  marketing can be very effective for experienced information marketers, but it is usually a little costly for the beginner marketer without funds.

 It may cost you some dollars to get autoresponders like aweber, getresponse or you can use the free ones like sendfree or mailchimp.

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