4 General Principles For Using Social Media

1. Be genuine: Let your personality show, use humor, and be transparent about who is posting content.

Try not to simply broadcast; rather, when possible, speak as an individual, to individuals.

This will help grant you credibility as a trusted source.

 2. Stay focused:  The people and organizations that follow you on social media have certain expectations about the type of content you post and the way in which you engage with them.

If you stray too far from your objectives, you will lose the trust and attention of your community.

3. Be reliable: Share quality content from trusted sources, and avoid amplifying erroneous messages from unreliable sources.

Reliability also means posting to your social media services regularly.

Frequently sharing reliable, meaningful content helps establish you as an important source of information and ideas for your community.

  4.  Get social: Above all else, social media is about conversation.

Share and comment on other people’s or organizations’ posts to start new conversations, and join in the conversations that are occurring on your social media pages.

The more you engage with your followers, the more they will understand that your priorities are their priorities too.

Some helpful key points to note.

   1. Social media is a conversation, not a monologue.

 2.   Create a strategy for using social media as part of your advocacy efforts.

  3.  The most effective way to utilize your social media accounts is to post regularly.

   4.  Be genuine. Let the personality of show when posting something on social media.

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