5 Tips To Creating Social Media Strategy

An important step in utilizing social media is to create a strategy, now creating a strategy includes:

   1. Setting your objectives. Is your goal narrow (publicizing an event) or broad (building and engaging with a community or coalition)?

  2.  Identifying the audience you would like to reach.

3. Are you primarily communicating with people who are already familiar with you and your work, such as your members and volunteers?

Or are you reaching out to men or women you’ve identified as potential members and supporters?
    selecting the social media platforms you plan to focus on.

This decision should be guided by your objectives and intended audience.

The most well-known and easy-to-use are Facebook and Twitter, so if you only plan to utilize one or two platforms, we recommend focusing on those.

  4. Gathering resources and materials to share through social media.

    5. Appointing someone or a team of people to manage your social media presence.

Although there are no prerequisites for using social media, individuals with backgrounds in communications, marketing, or public relations can be great assets.

You’ll also want to select someone who is comfortable and familiar with technology.

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