The Operation of Your Video-Taping Business

Operationally it will be rather easy to get started.

Depending on your budget you have the choice of buying equipment outright which can be quite expensive, or you can finance, or rent it.

If you are on a relatively tight budget, or are not quite sure if you want to pursue this business long term it would be advantageous to go with the rental option.

You will be able to rent all the basic equipment required for the taping of most any event, such as as camera, player, color monitor, lights and sound equipment.

You can even rent editing equipment, or you may want to utilize an editing service in the beginning.
A van or station wagon to lug the equipment round will be very helpful.

Other expenses will be for basic office supplies, telephone and answering machine, a professional brochure or 2 to 4 page flyer, business cards, etc.

While specializing in a given area such as social events, business services, or something else will probably make good business sense over the long term, it may be advantageous to pursue all markets during the first year.

This will build revenue quicker and you will be able to determine which market you enjoy most.

Working social events can be trying. Some knowledge of social etiquette and how a certain event should be conducted will be very helpful.

Even more, be sure you know who is truly in charge of the event. Each event will have is own little idiosyncrasies depending on the participants.

It may be that a given relative should be taped more than someone else. Whoever calls the shots
will be able to direct you.

Surely this business is ideal to be started from your home. As your business grows a design a design studio can be rented.

Once you have the basic equipment in place, most of your revenue will go to the bottom line, unless you are renting equipment. It is therefore often possible to generate a profit relatively quickly.

While it may be necessary to grant credit to established businesses and organizations,it is not recommended that you grant credit for social events.

To do so is not commonly done even by hotels and restaurants and is generally considered quite a risky practice.

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