What Is The Fintech Challenge?

Group Banque Centrale Populaire is launching the first edition of its Fintech Challenge!

We look forward to collaborate with the most promising startups, in Africa and elsewhere, to co-build and implement innovative solutions to our key business challenges, in Morocco or in our sub-Saharan subsidiaries.

 Application Submission Closes December 23, 2018.

The Fintech Challenge offers to the selected startups the opportunity to boost their growth in the region, by working alongside one of the biggest financial groups in Africa.

what do we want to achieve?

  • Co-build, with innovative startups, solutions adapted to the challenges we face,
  • Create an ecosystem of high potential, agile and disruptive partners,
  • Accelerate our transformation by staying connected to our ecosystem and creating a constructive dynamic for our customers. 

Why should you be part of the Fintech Challenge ?

1. Partner with a major African financial group and benefit from its expertise 

2. Access to new Markets and connect with the largest banking ecosystems in Africa 

3. Enhance your value proposition through an Acceleration program 

4. Get access to funding 

5. Scale your Startup and grow your business

The Fintech Challenge presented by Mr Kamal Mokdad, Co-CEO BCP Group


Full details Here: http://www.bcpfintech.com/en/#apropos

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