The Business Of Selling Smoothies And Fruit Juice Drinks

Smoothies are highly nutritious drinks which are quite in high demand from health conscious people who want great refreshment drinks that don’t just taste nice but also but are health friendly as well.

Imagine that you are a health freak and don’t want to taste one of these carbonated drinks you fear may have adverse effects on your health what do you do?

My guess is if you can afford it you’ll stroll into a smoothie shop and order yourself a fruity drink.

There are unlimited opportunities in my opinion to market this business to a middle class and well educated population.

 You just have to consider a suitable location such as a stand at an upscale shopping center, business district or residential area with a large population of people who might require your services.

If you situate your business in a place with 10,000 people who fit your customer profile what you need to work on is mainly awareness to this people and the rest will follow.

Product Pricing
Smoothies are quite expensive when compared to processed drinks but still affordable to your target market.

Price starts from N50 to N150 per 16 oz cup to even N200 depending on location.

Your products may include; chapman drink, various smoothie fruit flavors, juices and even local drinks like Zobo, Soya Milk.

Start-up Funding

Business Registration.
Smoothie Maker – N15,000
Furniture – N50,000
Rent – N50,000
Utensils (cups, plates, cutlery etc) – N20,000
Fridge – N60,000
Others – N100,000
Total – N295,000

Financial Projections

At a little over 60% margin on sales your profit could be quite high but that largely depends on sales volume and overhead cost.

An investment of  just N 300,000 should breakeven within 6 months if you can achieve your sales target in time.

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